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Full B2B Database is built up of:

  • Email Addresses (100%)
  • Name (91%)
  • Postcode (95%)
  • Job Role (75%)
  • Industry (71%)
  • Region (95%)

Full B2C Database is built up:

  • Email Address (100%)
  • Name (70%)
  • Region (68%)
  • Age (66%)
  • Income Bracket (58%)
  • Living Status (9%)
  • Gender (69%)
  • Employment (4%)

B2B Email Lists

Below are the UK B2B Email List and Database Package categories we have created. You can purchase securely online and receive the data immediately within 1 working day!

If you can’t find the data you are looking for and have an ideal target market in mind, hit the ‘contact’ button at the top of the page and our team of database specialists will work with you to find you the perfect data.

We will come back to you within one working day with a count and a cost.

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