What Type Of Email Should I Be Sending?

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with an audience which is why many companies make email marketing part of their strategy. When it comes to designing your email campaign it will depend your audience and the industry you are targeting that will help you decide on the type of email or marketing message you will use. The most popular email types are as follows:


People usually buy from companies that they trust so a good tactic for this is to be an authority figure. It doesn’t have to be always an offer that generates sales, offering help and advice can sometimes be all you need. Giving your subscribers a reason to read your emails is important so you need to fill them with relevant and useful information that will make them more likely to want to read your future emails. Showing your readers you are knowledgeable and know what you are talking about gives them the encouragement to trust buying your products and services in the future.


If you are holding a relevant event or know something that could be useful to the subscribers on your email list then an email with details is a good way to pass on the information. Instead of trying to push sales, simply tell them what is going on and remember that it is important to build your reputation with similar emails in order to do so. You want to keep your subscribers reading and not feeling pressured to buy every time you email them.


Although not all emails are about generating sales, there should be some that do focus on showing your readers what you have on offer. One of the best ways to get this message to your email list is to email them and let them know about any sales or special offers you are running. Offering an exclusive discount especially for your subscribers is a good way to encourage them to stay on your list.


Many companies send out newsletters as they are a great way to keep a regular communication with your subscribers. No more than once a month you could use your newsletter to share news and articles in your industry. Competitions and hints and tips make the newsletter fun and relevant to the audience.

Make sure the success of your email marketing efforts are monitored so you know what works well for your business and the types of emails that your readers respond to best for future reference.