How to Build Your Email List

So, maybe you’ve read our latest blog about whether or not to buy an email list and you’ve decided to go ahead. Now you need to think about the type of contacts you want to target.

When it comes to considering how to build an email list, it’s important to be realistic. We’re able to target our data by a number of demographics, but there are certain contacts we just don’t have.

When you start out, try to think about where data comes from. Email data is opted in and that means the contact has signed up and filled in their details during an online process. So, let’s say you’re looking for Stamp Collectors in Croydon, or Embroidery companies in Cornwall – how or where would this information come from? How many are there likely to be in the UK and of these how many are likely to have opted in?

If you’re looking for very specific data, such as stamp collectors, dog walkers, or people who own yachts for example – the best place to source this sort of data is directly from that industry – from places these types of people have disclosed their interest. Think magazine subscriptions, membership clubs or exhibitions. This is where you’re going to find information such as this. As to whether or not their information is for sale is another question, but unfortunately, it’s not something we can help with.

Another thing to think about is time sensitive data. OK, yes – all data is time sensitive and decays over time (this is why we cleanse the data at least once a month) but some data is more time sensitive that others – especially in the consumer world. Let’s say you’re looking for people who are getting married, women who are expecting a child, or someone who wants to give up smoking. Whilst you’re likely to be able to get this data from somewhere, it’s not something we have. We don’t have this data because it doesn’t have a long life span. For example, let’s say a bride-to-be opt’s-in in November, you then buy a database of brides-to-be the following May – but she got married in February. This data is out of date and no use to you. Always bear this in mind when you’re thinking about the type of data you’d like.

For business data, we usually target by industry or job role. Our industry targeting is based on SIC codes – so if you know these send them across – but we also search by keywords, so even if you don’t know the codes we can still help. Industry SIC codes are a common way to target business data, although they can be quite broad. You might not be able to get ‘Gyms,’ but you could get ‘Fitness Facilities.’ Likewise for job titles, we only collect decision makers, this is either a departmental decision makers such as IT Manager, Marketing Manager or Sales Manager, or senior decision makers such as Company Directors, CEO’s, MD’s etc. Bear this in mind when you’re thinking about job roles.

Most data companies target their data by similar demographics, we can target by the following:

Business Data

Consumer Data

On our website, you will find a number of pre-packaged databases for both B2B and B2C which you can purchase and download right away, but if you can’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.