10 Steps to Your Next Successful Email Campaign

1. Set Email Marketing Goals – To understand if your email marketing campaigns are successful you must first define clear goals to target. Giving your campaign objectives is important throughout the creation process, so that you stick to a brief and achieve the goals set.


2. Choose the right data – It is important to get your message in front of the right people for your product. Think about your current customers – are they from a specific industry, location, job role? If so, you need to think about who is best to target for your particular campaign.


3. Perfect Subject Lines – This is the first thing in your email that the subscriber sees, so it must interest them enough to want to open it and read more. Keep it short and snappy and avoid any jargon that excludes your subscribers from understanding.


4.Timing is Key – There is nothing worse than spending time creating an email campaign, only to find it has not reached the volume of audience that it could have. Think about your industry and your customers – how do they spend their day? It is crucial to future campaigns that you run tests and results to get a better understanding of the time/days that work best for you.


5. Branded Emails – You want your email campaigns to start a brand of their own and to give your subscribers continuity in order to recognise your brand. Ensure you use your brand colours, logos and email addresses to reflect in your campaign


6. Compatibility – With the popularity of email on the move using tablets and mobile phones, it is becoming ever more important to get your email design responsive. Responsive email design ensures that your design is compatible across all devices and email clients.


7. Call to action – Make sure that users take action when opening your email by having a a clear call to action. Ensure it is above the fold, uses lots of buttons and colours to stand out, use persuasive language and a sense of urgency.


8. Relevant Landing Pages – If you are pushing your subscribers to a particular page on your website you need to ensure your page is effective, relevant  and offers continuity. If your readers are pushed to a page that does not follow on from the email you have sent you risk losing them in the drop off between.


9. Measure Success – Most email systems offer statistics that will tell you how many opens/clicks you have received, but you may need to know more than that. Use analytic software that tracks the conversions and gives you the stats to work out the ROI of your email campaign.


10. Test, Test, Test – When it comes to email marketing there is no right or wrong way to do it as results range for all types of business. In order to gather the knowledge for your product/service it all comes down to split testing to find out what works best for your audience.


Although we don’t offer the services in-house to get your email campaign delivered, we hope you find our 10 steps to successful email campaigns helpful.

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