Unsure About Purchasing an Email List?

Unsure about purchasing email data


So, you’re thinking about purchasing an email list. You’ve got all sorts going around your head and opinions coming in from everyone who thinks they know best; you’re even starting to wonder if it’s legal or not!

Well let me start by telling you, that purchasing an email list in the UK is completely legal, so long as the data is opted in, and I’m really pleased to tell you that all of our email lists are! Hurray! We abide by all UK data legislation for both business and consumer contacts – so that’s one less thing for you to worry about! (thumbs up!)

Next question running around your brain – How do I deliver my campaigns? Well the first thing I must say is that you cannot sit on your computer and send an email to each contact yourself. You must have the correct system in place in order to send. Many of the ESP’s you will have heard of, MailChimp, Dotmailer etc simply won’t accept purchased email lists. This has nothing to do with the legality behind prospect marketing, it simply because they want to protect their servers etc.

So, From Here You Have 2 Options When Purchasing An Email List:

  1. You set up your own internal mailing servers and deliver yourself.
  2. You use an ESP that accepts a purchased email list.

Now, we are not delivery experts, we are data experts. We spend a lot of time maintaining our data ensuring it is the highest quality, cleansing it and verifying it every 30 days. So whilst we can offer you some advice on delivery, taking care of it is essentially down to you.

For Business data there a few reputable delivery platforms, and more coming the market all the time as prospect marketing becomes more popular. Consumer data – I’ll admit – is a little trickier, and the majority of our clients who consider purchasing a consumer email list from us use their own internal servers to deliver.

The bottom line is, prospect email marketing is very much the present and the future. Everyone is doing it, from the biggest companies in the world, to the SME in a small town – you just don’t know it.

If you’re still undecided on purchasing an email list, chat to one of us, we’ll happily advise, or go away and do your research before you decide. Look at various companies who sell data and who deliver and look for the best.

Here’s Some Tips For When It Comes To Purchasing An Email List:

  • If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. If someone is offering you a million email addresses for £100 chances are these are scraped email addresses and not opted in. Don’t buy these!
  • Buy a smaller targeted list rather than 100 million contacts. Yes, the idea of purchasing 100 million contacts sounds great, but how are you going to send to them?! Buy targeted lists – most business  email lists can be targeted by region, industry, job role and company size as standard, or by region, age, gender etc. for consumers. If this is not on their website – ask them. Or if you’re buying in a large quantity, ensure you can easily target the list yourself.
  • Don’t buy a huge list and upload it into your delivery platform all at once. Split it into small targeted chunks and stagger your send. This will help with delivery.
  • Ask for a sample of the data. You probably wouldn’t buy a pair of jeans without trying them on… the same goes for data. Always ask for a sample so you can see what you’re going to get with the database.
  • Check which information is cleansed and verified. We cleanse our email data every 30 days, we guarantee our email addresses and give a 10% over supply on all email lists to allow for decay in the data between our cleanses. Make sure wherever you buy from offers this as a minimum.
  • Only purchase the data when you’re ready to send. Data decays. People change jobs and companies close all the time! Obviously, this means data changes. Business data decays rapidly. We always over supply our email lists to allow for this, but you should use your list as soon as you purchase it – this is when it’s at its newest! The longer you leave it to send, the more it will change and decay. When planning your email marketing, purchasing the list should be the last thing you do.
  • Don’t expect the same open rate on your prospect list as you do on your CRM. You’ve done your research, purchased your list, send your campaign and you get a 5% open rate; “well I get 40% on my normal campaigns…!” You won’t get the same open and click rate on a prospect list. These contacts have never heard of you, they haven’t already expressed an interest in you – unlike your CRM data. So don’t be surprised by a lower open/click rate. But do re-target the opens and clicks – pull these out and send to them again – these are your valuable contacts!!

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Good luck with your marketing and get in touch if you have any questions!

Emma Hobbs