Purchasing Email Data


When it comes to purchasing email data files, marketers are often met with a plethora of companies, most of whom claiming they’re the best, cheapest, or most trusted.

The fact of the matter is that most companies share large quantities of the same email data. In most cases, a data file in current circulation will inevitably form part of the next person’s Data Universe and so on and so on. If company A has john@emaildatauk.com on their email database and company B also has john@emaildatauk.com on their email database, then who has the best record?

The answer is of course neither; however elements such as fill and accuracy of the accompanying offline data do play a part in judging the value and ‘quality’ of the email data record.

In point of fact, the place you purchased the email plays a much smaller part in the success of the campaign than people think. A far more key factor of email campaign success is the method and execution of the delivery.

In this current age of economical uncertainty and with the pressure to stay afloat increasing with every latest news feed, marketers are left with fewer and fewer options when it comes to finding a solution that yields a good ROI. The spray and prey tactic of old, although now more refined, still has merit and providing you can get enough of the email records you want at a price that’s reasonable, there are good harvests to be made from Business2Business prospect email marketing.

At EmailDataUK, we’re trying to break the mould. Providing cost effective email marketing databases, based around the most frequently asked for pots of data. We use our experience to make the entire process of purchasing email data files as simple as it can possibly be. Simply go on to our website, browse the email data packages and make the payment. You will find that in most cases you are purchasing the very same data files that are available throughout the industry at more than 4 times the price we charge.